Voiceover services and voice talents in German, Spanish, English and other languages.

Corporate voiceovers | Voice recording services online | Voice over and translation

professional voice recording Voiceconcept.net provides professional voiceover services online, international voice recordings and related audio services from a single source in German, Spanish, English, Italian, French, Portuguese and other languages. We deliver the corporate voice production for your project. International voiceover services and corporate voice productions.
Text and translations in Spanish, German, English and other foreign languages are available from voiceconcept.net in very high quality.

Voiceconcept.net delivers voice recordings and voiceovers, and supplies the adequate translation for your audio project. We achieve this with international and professional “native speaker” voice actors and voice talents, and with qualified translators with many years of experience.
This provides our customers with truly memorable voice recordings and corporate audio content for projects including video productions, e-learning, educational software or language productions for the tourism industry.
Our portfolio consists of audio guides for cities, museums and attractions, voiceovers for industrial videos, multimedia and language productions, presentations and web applications.
Prompts, IVR and queuing, and voice recordings for Web video and POS round off the services we offer.
Voiceconcept.net stands for voice production, voice recording and international speaker projects, and delivers professional corporate translations, adaptable content and proofreading in German, English and Spanish as well as other languages.

Corporate Voice Recording Services  –  International Voice- and Audio Services online

Services for voice recordings:

  • International voiceovers and multilingual speaker projects

  • Speech and voice production services, audio editing services

  • Translation and proofreading in several languages
We feature a professional level and up to date hardware and software, top quality microphones, full mixing and equalization facilities, plus quick delivery via upload, to disc, server etc.
Our international speaker archive contains selected male and female professional speakers and active voice talents, currently in more than ten languages. 
Voiceconcept.net provides voiceover services and translations for your audio projects online.

Send us your text and the requirements for your voice recording by email

Please provide us with as detailed information as possible about the project, the intended use, and the desired language of the voice recordings.

Speakers and voice-over in Eastern European languages

As an enhancement for your projects, voice recordings or corporate content, we have a pool of professional Eastern European voiceover artists who are capable to voice your project in the respective language.
Just ask for free speaker demos in the following languages: Bosnian, Bulgarian, Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Slovakian or Slovenian.

If you have any questions the contact button will help you out.

Voice Recording Services
International voice recording services and translations. Multilingual speaker projects and voice editing services.
Audio Editing Services
Delivery of "dry" voice recordings or "ready to use" voices for your project.
Corporate Voice Production
Corporate voice and translation services in various languages such as Spanish, German, Italian, French, English, Portuguese and other languages
International voice talents for your
Video, web, Image, product, service, app, audioguide, corporate content, b2b, ivr, mailbox, telephone etc.
Get your quote online
Voice content and corporate voice work directly to your pc or server! Send us your text by email
We feature a professional level and up to date hardware and software, top quality microphones, full mixing and equalization facilities, plus quick delivery via upload to your server.
Voiced projects
Voice for Image video - DE
Voiceover company video - IT / FR
Audioguide City & Shopping - DE
Medical E-Learning - DE
Voice audiovisual guide - DE
Voices product video - EN / DE
VO marketing - EN
IVR messages - CZ/US/DE/NL
E-learning - PT / EN / DE
VO image video - ES/FR/IT/DE/EN
IVR content - FR/EN/IT/DE/ES/NL
GPS system content - DE / UK
VO technical video - UK
City tour audioguide - DE
VO dental video - FR / DE
Webvoice image content - UK
Audioguide, Quad tour - UK
Webgame voices - PL/UK/ES/IT/FR
voices multilanguage e-learning

International Native Speaker Voiceover Recording Services. Corporate Voice Production.

International voiceover recording services in several languages. Corporate content voice production, voice and audio editing services. Native speaker voice talents for your project. Multilingual voice recordings with professional voiceover talents.

Corporate Voice Recordings. Audio Services Online

Voiceconcept.net provides professional voice recordings from a single source in German, Spanish, English, Italian, French, Portuguese and other languages.
International voice recording and corporate voice productions.

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Voice Demos

Voice overs | Voice talents | Mp3 voices | Voice archive | Corporate voices | Net voice

International Voiceover Reordings | Voices for e-learning | Voices for audio-guide

Find the right voice talent for your project!

International native speaker voiceover services and voice demos for e-learning, audio-guide, video, web, telephone, automated systems and other voice recordings.

Demos of voice talents. Voice bank of female and male voices in Spanish, German, English, Portuguese, Italian, French, Dutch, Russian, Polish, Rumanian and more international languages and native voice talents.

German male talents

Sprecher 01

Sprecher 02

Sprecher 03

Sprecher 04

German female talents

Sprecherin 01

Sprecherin 02

Sprecherin 03

Sprecherin 04
For languages such as Bosnian, Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech, Estonian, Hungarian, Kazakh, Latvian, Lithuanian, Serbian, Slovakian, Slovenian and Ukrainian, please ask for demos.

Customer feedback

Clients say about our services:

  • Feedback is great. The Voice Over was perfect and on point. Everyone loved it. Thanks for the great work.
  • Outstanding for everything: technique, voice colours, delivery. Brilliant work!
  • Gerd S. GER
    It is a pleasure working with you...
    Gerd S. GER
  • Beat H. SUI
    Gracias por el buen trabajo y la rapidez.
    Beat H. SUI
  • Peter B. GER
    Excellent work! Thank you for this.
    Peter B. GER
  • Thomas S.
    Thanks for the fantastic work. All at best.
    Thomas S.
  • Rodrigo F. RCH
    Thank you for the English language recordings, We´d now like to order recordings in Portuguese.
    Rodrigo F. RCH
  • Matthias S. GER
    Everything has worked out great with you! Our bosses here were amazed.
    Matthias S. GER
  • David V. ESP
    Fantastic! I really liked the work. Perfect. Thank you very much for your services.
    David V. ESP


We deliver voice over recordings as ftp-upload / ftp-download or email attachment in wav, mp3, aiff or other audio formats and the desired resolution.

International voices

International voices for e-learning / blended learning, learning software

Info-/on hold services

Voices for telephone, info-/ on hold services, voice on demand

Voices for audio guide

Voices for audio guide, info guide, city- and tourist guide, museum and industry

Point of sale voices

Point of sale voices, in-house announcement, in-store messages

Audio editing services

Mailbox content, audio editing services, sound design, audio logo

Corporate translation

Corporate translation services in various languages such as Spanish, German, English and other languages

Voice recordings

Voice recording for media, video, web, product, image, service, app, corporate audio, b2b, ivr, telephone

Voice on demand

Voice talents for media presentation, audio book, narration, mailbox, commentary

Get a quote now

Send us your info and text or script by email
We provide you with an offer free of charge and without commitment for your voice recording or translation.
Please add precise information on your project, the use and the preferred voice talents


Get a quote online. We send “dry voice” recordings for your postprocessing and post-production as well as ready to use voices for your project.

You can contact by e-mail, Whatsapp or Skype or simply call

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+34 699 18 11 02

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